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Our Partners

AMS has been representing leading edge providers of predictive technologies, quality assurance systems, and process controls since 1992.


Vibration Switches, Transmitters & Proximity Sensors

Metrix is a leading provider of innovative 4-20 m/A output vibration transmitters, single and multiple channel mechanical and electronic vibration switches, as well as field programmable proximity probes, drivers, and transmitters. Many Metrix standard products are certified by agencies worldwide for use in explosive and hazardous environments.


Electric Motor Evaluation

The PdMA off-line (de-energized) and on-line (energized) test systems can evaluate all six of the critical motor fault zones: power quality, power circuit, insulation, stator, rotor, and air gap. PdMA systems can evaluate AC and DC motors. The systems are easy to use and come with lifetime technical and data analysis support.


Turbo Machinery Protection

SetPoint API 670 machinery protection systems feature the industry’s newest hardware and software architecture. The hardware design is extraordinarily simple requiring just (2) types of input cards to handle every type of sensor input or measurement. All racks feature inexpensive optional “flight recorder” capability. SETPOINT offers a comprehensive condition monitoring software system that connects directly to the machinery protection system without the need for any additional intervening hardware.


AccuTrak Ultrasonic Industrial Air Leak Detection

The Superior Signal multi-function ultrasonic detection unit is ideal for finding air and steam leaks. The low-cost units require no training and employ their patented “DND” technology.


Portable Ultrasonic Detection Systems

Mistras Group manufactures state of the art through-valve loss detection systems for isolating liquid, gas, and steam leaks of any size in any kind of valve. The technology operates at frequencies much above traditional ultrasonic equipment, which is not well suited for making through-valve leak measurements. The new Mistras system is specifically designed to provide compliance with the new EPA CFR 98.234.5 regulation that requires through-valve leak quantification measurements.