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    Advanced Manufacturing Solutions
    AMS provides reliability and quality monitoring solutions that deliver value.
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    Quantifiable Improvements
    Solutions that provide quantifiable improvements in business results for our customers.
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    We can solve applications requiring a single sensor, or a turnkey system.
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    We provide solutions that combine the appropriate amount of leading edge technology with user friendliness.

About Us

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions is a premier provider of instrumentation hardware, software, and integrated solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. AMS has been representing leading edge providers of predictive technologies, quality assurance systems, and process controls since 1992. We provide solutions to the following Industries: Power Generation, Oil & Gas Transportation and Storage, Automotive, Medical, Agricultural Processing, Refineries, Waste Water, Paper, Steel, Construction/Mining Machinery. Within our business we collaborate with a variety of partners that are listed below.

Metrix Instrument: Continuous Vibration Monitoring

Industrial vibration monitoring solutions for cooling towers, pumps, motors, fans, turbines, reciprocating compressors, and generators.

PdMA Corporation: Motor Reliability

Off-line and on-line systems that can evaluate all six of the critical motor fault zones which are: power quality, power circuit, insulation, stator, rotor, and air gap.

Setpoint: Turbo Machinery Monitoring

An innovative new series of machinery protection systems and products that deliver API 670 compliance, and the industry’s newest and most flexible hardware, software, and communication architecture.